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Hotel Akerreta. A Hotel in rural setting in Navarra


Hotel Akerreta is a small family-run bed and breakfast. It took the owners 4 years to rehabilitate this charming country hotel.

The farmhouse called Sastrearena, a typical Basque caserio of the Pyrenees, was built in 1723. It has been catalogued by the institute for the preservation of the local patrimony “Principe de Viana” for its historical and architectural interest.

The stone-wall house still conserves its original Pyrenees-style kitchen and its bread oven. The enormous oak wood beams, webbed to create the structure of the house, reveal the historical power of the homestead.

It combines perfectly rustic taste with modern amenities.
The hotel also has several living rooms and cozy spots where guests can read in calm surroundings while enjoying the valley´s panoramic views of mountains and meadows. In the winter guests can chat next to the fireplace; or sit on the terrace or recline on a lounge chair in the garden during the summer.


reckrea logoHotel Akerreta is a member of Reckrea, Navarra´s Rural Hotel Association.


recrea logoHotel Akerreta is member of Posadas del Camino de Santiago Association.


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